Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Safe Environment For Your Baby Within The Household Chaos

A great way to create a safe place for your baby within the normal chaotic household is through the use of Play Yards. Play Yards come in many shapes and sizes and most of them do a great job of creating a safe place for your child plazy. They are useful when you can not give your child the full attention they need such as when you are showering , cooking, checking your email or performing some other task that requires too much of your attention.

Purchase a play yard that is at least 28-30 inches high and that has a door to walk through, lifting your child over the side simply gives them the idea that the way out is to climb. Avoid the colorful play yards that seem to have activities built in, they are usually not tall enough and many also have foot holds that your child may use to climb the sides.

Successful use of a play yard depends on you. You need to be consistent with its use so that your baby does not object. Try to set up a routine and stick to it. Let your baby know that their play yard is their space to play safely.

Many parents choose to install a soft foam Play Mat under their baby's play yard, make sure that the play mat is rated for age o and up, many are age 3 and up, this is not a developmental issue it is a matter of safety.

I have 3 favorite play yards one is the Soft Sided Play Yard , the second if the Play Den and the last is the Metal or Wood SuperYards. The soft sided play area is the largest right out of the box but both others have extension avaiable.

I hope this gives you the information you need to make an objective decision.

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