Thursday, April 1, 2010

Window Safety

It's that time of year again when curious toddlers everywhere pull themselves up to windows looking for any sign of life...a bird flying by, a squirrel in a tree, the budding of trees as they bloom. It's simply mesmerizing to see the world come to life again.

So what could possibly be the problem with this?

Is your window open?

Is there something in front of the window that your toddler could climb on?

Is it just possible that trouble could be brewing?

Every year toddlers find a way to pull themselves up and manage to fall out windows. Unbelievable you might say, but I bet some dangerous situations exist in even the safest home.

The best protection against window falls is a Window Guard. Windows Guards are the equivalent of a safety gate for windows and in most cases (when you have double hung windows) the bars are horizontal instead of vertical. Another way to safeguard your toddler is to use a device that limits how high you can open your window. This distance should be no more that 3 1/2 inches.

You might say that you never open your windows which I really doubt, so lets be as safe as we can. Limit items placed in front of windows, no beds next to the window, no toy chest in front of them and most importantly, let's not kid ourselves as to the seriousness of window safety.

Enjoy your spring.

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